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Matters of Hats

and Birds and Portfolios

Hello! My name is Willow and I am a 15 year old self proclaimed milliner. When I’m not writing or painting my walls I’m making a hat for Halloween, a convention, or anything in between – after all everyone has a reason or excuse to wear a hat. I started making interesting hats when I wanted to be the Mad Hatter for a costume event, but all the hats on the market were overpriced remakes from the movies or bland tophats with a couple playing cards on them. And of course no shame to the people that make those but none of them were mad enough for me in particular. So I decided to take matters (heh) into my own hands. As time went by it became simpler for me to make my own hats than to buy one and so I made a business out of it, and then a market booth, and now a website. May you find the contents of my store always on the precipice of insanity.

Matters of Hats

and Birds and Contacts

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